Nokia Lumia 925 – What we are waiting for ?



Is this what  you really waiting for ? Some says yap but some really NO!!!!

Let’s take a look inside..Actually NL 925 is not different kind of Lumia. It just NL 920 with attractive shell with light weight. Some added but some are lost.

When compared to 925 with 920

What u get new

– Attractive light weight & thinner outter shell (Aluminium + Poly carbonate)

– 6 elements camera module in superior low light Photography ( First in Mobile industry)

– High  brightness AMOLED panel ( First in Mobile industry)


what u miss

– 16gb in 925 inbuilt storage  instead to 32gb in 920 (But UK vodafone users can get 32gb version of 925 :D)

– wireless charging – you have to use separate charging cover for phone